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Opening Ceremony for Liberio Art

July 3, 2021

Interviewed and written by Vicky Nguyen, President of the Chamber

Liberio Art is a working fine art studio, art gallery and art education center where artist, instructor, and business owner Elaine Liberio creates and paints; sells original art, prints and note cards; and teaches art classes in oil painting, watercolor, drawing and some unique and fun art workshops such as Oil Painting with Rags, No Brushes Allowed. Liberio Art is Where Passion Meets Creativity. The journey of this tagline is not random, but personal to Elaine.


Elaine is originally from Phelps, New York. She knew she wanted to become an artist as soon she was able to hold a pencil. Even though her school counselor wanted her to stick to office practice so she would have something to fall back on, she continued to follow her heart. She went to FLCC (formerly known as CCFL) and studied Studio Art. Her passion led her to perfect the ways of oil painting and print making, and eventually to include watercolor. Her main artistic chapter in her life was when she lived near Portland, Maine for nineteen years.

Business Owner Elaine Liberio inside Liberio Art

During those years she participated in many art shows like Art in the Park, met with other artists, and did what she could to continue to her innate passion for painting. She even remembers her first outdoor art show  and the first painting she sold in South Portland– a ballerina painting. A woman saw it and it reminded her of her granddaughter who did ballet. The woman had to have it. As for Elaine’s most prized artwork, is a two-foot by three-foot painting a young girl at the shore of a pond looking out into it, called Dreams of Each New Day. A couple happened to be driving near where Elaine's art booth was set up, pulled over, and bought it because it reminded them of their daughter. That is the success of Elaine’s art. People are drawn into her art and connect with someone or something in her paintings. The artwork becomes personal to them.

Though Elaine participated in these artistic events, she still had a full-time job as a mortgage underwriter. Fortunately, her employer and co-workers continued to embrace her art at the office. From holding watercolor classes for her coworkers to displaying her art at client’s offices, Elaine never really lived a “double-trade life”. Instead, her passion in art was amplified.


No matter where she lived, there was always a room for her to paint and create.

With family ties back in Western New York, Elaine and her husband decided to move back and become part of Palmyra. From there she was content with her surroundings, eventually retired, but still wanted to share her knowledge of art. As soon as she was back in NY, she got involved in many local art groups including Wayne County Council for the Arts, Western Wayne Art Group, and Plein Air Painting. With all this artistic involvement, her artistic passion did not stop which led to the creation of Liberio Art right in Palmyra. She wants to help the public to increase their passion in art, hence Where Passion Meets Creativity.

Elaine Liberio working on her next masterpiece.

Elaine working on her next masterpiece.

Starting from the left, Vicky Nguyen (President), Elaine Liberio with her husband Al Liberio, and Steven Reith (Vicky's husband) for the ribbon cutting. 

Starting from the left, Vicky Nguyen (President), Elaine Liberio with her husband Al Liberio, and Steven Reith (Vicky's husband) for the ribbon cutting. 

Elaine Liberio is a Member of the Western Wayne Chamber Commerce. As an entrepreneur, she advises others to “Make a timeline, research, network, and actually write down your business plan. I have revised my business plan many times before I was satisfied that this is what I wanted to do. Don’t forget to figure out a realistic budget and stick with it!” Entrepreneurs like her are a rare kind because she knows her limit. She does not dabble in a million things because she chooses quality decisions. Elaine is someone whom every aspiring entrepreneur should learn from.

If you want to see her beautiful art, or continue your passion in painting, visit her at 208 East Main Street, Palmyra, New York, 14522, on Tuesday, Thursday & Friday 11am-5pm or by appointment. For more information visit her website,

Elaine Liberio (Business Owner) and Vicky Nguyen (President), in front of Liberio Art

Elaine Liberio and Vicky Nguyen in front of Liberio Art.

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