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Meet the Board

Meet our current board members this year.


Theresa Keyser


Theresa Keyser has lived in Wayne County for more than 8 years. She has since been a part of local organizations and events. Including the most recent creation of, and vice president of, Marion NY Community Betterment Organization, focused on bringing neighbors together. She successfully implemented a pumpkin walk sponsored by several local businesses and a small business Saturday that showcased her hometowns micro-businesses. She passionately believes that every person in western Wayne County can and should help each other lead their most successful lives.


Briana Chauncey


Currently working with Finger Lakes Healthy Living, through Finger Lakes Community Action, Briana is dedicated to the spread of hope and compassion, and focuses on reaching out to our senior Communities. She's also currently a nursing student in pursuit of her RN license.. She is passionate about supporting people across Community lines and providing a positive safe space to share concerns, and to identify and discuss solutions. She has previously served as Secretary for multiple nonprofit Community organizations in Wayne County. In her free time, Briana enjoys camping and spending time with her family. She is most looking forward to continuing the success and care, at all levels of our communities, through advancing connections and open-minded communication.


Samantha Knataitis

Vice President

Samantha has lived in Marion for the past 7 years. Born and raised one town to the north in Williamson, Sam has been a part of local small businesses since birth. Her father and both of her uncles are first-generation business owners, with her father owning local photography and print business. Small business runs in her blood, which is why Samantha is so passionate about helping local businesses grow and succeed. Samantha’s current role in Field Marketing with Spectrum Reach has her meeting and working with various small businesses to come up with TV & Digital campaigns that work for them as well as marketing the brand to reach more business owners in the Rochester DMA. When Sam is not working, you can find her volunteering with the Marion NY Community Betterment Organization. Trying to help spread the message of Good Neighbors helping Neighbors.


Bryce Porter

Board Member

Bryce grew up in Marion and is now residing in Palmyra. After moving away from upstate NY for a few years, Bryce graduated from Full Sail University with his Bachelor's in Film. He returned to Wayne County with 2 beautiful children and 5 years of commercial freelance experience. Wherein he decided to form Porterhouse Video with his wife, Manda. Young and full of hope, Bryce wants to revitalize Wayne County's small businesses by adding a well-traveled and modern perspective on what we can do as business owners to better ourselves. He hopes that being a board member for the Chamber of Commerce is the first of many ways he plans to give back to the community.


Derek Short


Derek grew up in Palmyra, graduated from Palmyra-Macedon High School, and now resides in Macedon. After graduating from Finger Lakes Community College with a degree in Computer Science, he began freelancing as a website designer-developer in 2018. He established Derek's Websites and More LLC three years later and enjoys providing all kinds of marketing services. Derek has been a Chamber member since July of 2021 and is dedicated to helping local businesses thrive. He owes all his success to God and the support of his family and friends.


Katy Groet

Board Member

Katy is a small business owner within the Palmyra community. Her passion is, just that, COMMUNITY. She believes that a sense of community is the key to a healthy and happy place to live. She is most excited to continue encouraging other entrepreneurs to realize their potential and importance from a modern perspective. She is an avid barnstormer with many creative ideas.

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